January 18, 2016

Travel Diaries - Melbourne: Day 03

Home sweet home! I'm now writing this post from the comfort of my extremely missed bed. I don't know whether it's just me or not but I always have such an awful sleep when I go to apartment buildings. I've had a few questions on my ask.fm about where I stayed whilst I was in Melbourne so I thought I'd do up a quick little post for those who were interested with some extra information on our flights as well.

Originally Alice and I decided to book a room at an actual apartment building because Alice was a bit skeptical of Airbnb but in the time we were waiting to meet each other (about a day) all the rooms went up $200 SOOO I found a bunch of rooms with amazing reviews to give her a little bit more comfort. We decided on this room here: [click to see airbnb] and had absolutely no regrets. The host was available 100% of the time for questions, the location was A+ along Lonsdale Street, the views were beautiful all day long and it was cheaper than the remaining apartments on booking.com we were having a look at. 

We ended up paying $453 for a two bedroom one bathroom apartment over two nights. For those of you wondering about the price of flights, we paid $243 each with Jetstar. 

Makeup I brought down to Melbourne with me. Some comments on the things that I brought: 

1. Started using the Kat Von D eyeliner about a week ago and was actually surprised by how much I liked it. 

2. I started using the Too Faced Primed and Poreless loose powder again after taking a break from it for about six months and have no idea why I left it in the back of my drawer for so long

3. 100% recommend the Benefit Gimme Brow

4. I love the Colourpop gel liner crayons in terms of their colour and how long they last but their packaging is pretty shotty in my opinion. Three of mine are still usable but snapped within the first week of owning them. 

Went to Manchester Press for our last brunch in Melbourne.

So glad that the wait time was no where as long as Top Paddock *phew* 

The other three spent their days in Melbourne wearing sneakers while I wandered around in girly boots and lace up flats.

How cute is this bunny on my Nutella hot chocolate!?

 Alice and David's coffees.

I didn't know whether I wanted something sweet or savory so I got a bagel that had super sweet syrup and bacon on the same dish.

After brunch we made a short trip over to La Belle Miette which is freaking AMAZING btw. It had such amazing ratings on Zomato for the amount of ratings that it received and I can say with absolute confidence that their salted caramel macarons were the best I ever had. 

I bought 18 for about $47 and ate 8 of them before I got home woops :)))) 

This is what happiness in a box looks like.

We spent the rest of our afternoon in DFO so I don't have any photos to show you apart from this light display from Mad Mex that Alice took!

Bye bye Melbourne :'( 

As glad as I am to be home, I can absolutely say that travelling to Melbourne with these lovely people was one of the best trips I've ever had! I can't wait to go back and see Phillip Island and Great Ocean Road. Simon and I had really upsetting moments on the way home because Alice reminded me that we didn't make it to Hash for their hot choclate and Simon didn't know that Pepper Lunch existed in Melbourne HAHAHA. I hope you guys enjoyed the temporary frequent posting and I can't wait to share my future Sydney travel diaries at the end of the month when I go with Alice and Annah. S. 

January 17, 2016

Travel Diaries - Melbourne: Day 02

Hello from a very exhausted Srh! The four of us have been enjoying our trip so much that we actually tried to extend it by a day but it just ended up costing too much :( We all managed to get out of the apartment before am today which was a miracle considering that none of us are morning people. 

Dress from missguided, flannel from Cotton On.

We decided to have brunch at Top Paddock after our friends had said such amazing things about it. 

David and Simon's flat whites.

AMAZING. Absolutely loved everything about it!

Chocolate and cheesecake brownie. 

Made our way over to Scroll not realising that it was right next to Chapel Street!

The store was super busy and we ended up having to wait for 20 minutes for our ice cream.

Lots of kids crowding around the workers.

My nutter butter.

Alice's perfect matcha. 

Bought this top from Topshop even though I probably won't be wearing it until late Autumn.

Was walking around in the city and stopped off at 8bit after a few friends had recommended it to us. Super cute interior!

Salted caramel milkshake which I 100% regret not ordering. 


Also purchased two lipsticks from MAC, and two skirts from Glue/Bardot.

I reaaaally want one of these for my own bedroom.

Visited my first casino ever.

Last meal out of the day.

Simon and I ordered the platter to share.

Main living space of our airbnb. We're up on the 40th floor which means amazing views all day long.

*unwinding time*

The happiest and whiniest boy in the entire world. 

I hope you guys are having a warm weekend! Talk soon, S.