April 25, 2015

Shanghai Suzy Winter Wardrobe 2015

Hello! I hope that you've all had a splendid beginning to your weekend :) I arrived home to these lipsticks yesterday and had to use all of my self control not to open them until today so I could do a quick little unboxing/dodgy swatch post for you guys. Things I have learned today: 1. lip swatches are freaking hard to do 2. they take up so much time 3. they kill your lips 4. my skin is breaking out really damn badly. 

Anyway, I bought these lipsticks directly off the Shanghai Suzy website and opted for the Winter Wardrobe. They arrived super quickly and I had no problems with the transaction whatsoever. All of the lipsticks are extremely buildable and glide on smoothly especially considering the fact that some of these have a matte finish. I haven't had the chance to wear these lipsticks properly yet so I can't say anything about how they last but I'll hopefully update this post within the next week.

One thing which I really hate about these lipsticks is the little plastic sticker you have to pull off to open the lipstick. They leave a really annoying residue over the top of the removable lid and on the actual casing that holds the lipstick. Other than that, the lipstick packaging is super light and has a latch/snap like closure to make sure the top doesn't come flying off. They're also grape scented!

A perfect muted everyday shade which comes off looking a lot like MAC's velvet teddy in my selfies.

I'm just going to straight out admit that I don't like these sparkling shades at all. There was a total of two included in the Winter Wadrobe and they're just a bit.... strange? Definitely would have loved this colour without the little shimmer bits in it though which is a shame :(  

Say hello to the darkest shade in the wardrobe! Absolutely love the formula working with this colour since it makes application a hell of a lot easier since it doesn't pull on the lips. 

I remember back in 2013/2014 I had this crazy obsession with bright pink barbie lipsticks so this is an absolute refresher! (Okay, I'll just admit it now - I love all matte lipsticks in general so I love all of the ones in this pack).

I think this is definitely the most wearable colour in the pack for new lipstick wearers. I know it doesn't particularly look like it in these selfies but I'd definitely describe it as a your lipsticks but better colour! 

A classic cool toned red lipstick. You can never have too many :3

Although I'm an absolute sucker for orange and coral lipsticks, I have to sadly say that this is my least favourite lipstick in the wardrobe purely based on the fact that it's a shimmer. The glitter pieces in this lipstick are a lot bigger compared to the ones in the Miss Veronica Sparkling Plum so it feels like you're kind of exfoliating your lips as you apply... not the most pleasant feeling in the world. 

I'm struggling to decide whether I like this colour or not. I absolutely love how it looks in photos but in real life I feel that it looks really olive coloured. 

Hope that you guys liked this post! I'm hoping to get more practice at doing lip swatch posts because I've got four Gerard Cosmetic lipsticks that I'd like to share with you guys soon but I'm having some issues with receiving the second half of my lipsticks right now. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! S.

April 9, 2015

Zoeva - Makeup Artist Zoe Bag | Unboxing

What an absolutely gorgeous thing to wake up to first thing in the morning. Just over a week ago Luxola was having a 25% off Sigma and Zoeva sale and within the next half an hour I'd ordered the biggest brush set Zoeva had to offer. I've had my eye on this set for a few months now but with the conversion rates being so crappy and the majority of Luxola's sales excluding Zoeva it just never seemed worth the money. I ended up paying $242.51 for the 25 brushes + makeup bag so I was really glad that I waited out on it hooooray! 

"The Makeup Artist Zoe Bag is ZOEVA’s ultimate beauty arsenal. It consists of 25 professional-grade brushes, all crafted with high quality natural, synthetic and taklon fibres. Each brush is precisely designed for optimal product application and flawless coverage. Carry and organise all of the brushes with the famous Makeup Tote Zoe Bag and experiment with different styles and moods each time you use them." Click here to view the whole product listing on Luxola.

Brushes which came with brush guards.

Brushes which came without brush guards.


I kept all the brush guards in the makeup bag since they're handy for shaping brushes after you wash and clean them. 

101. Luxe Face Definer brush 
103. Defined Buffer 
 104. Buffer 
 105. Luxe Highlight brush 
106. Powder brush

109. Luxe Face Paint brush
110. Face Shape brush
122. Petit Stippling brush

125. Stippling brush
127. Luxe Sheer Cheek brush
142. Concealer Buffer

221. Luxe Soft Crease brush 
222. Luxe All Over Shader shader 
226. Smudger 
228. Luxe Crease brush 
223. Petit Eye Blender brush

227. Luxe Soft Definer brush 
230. Luxe Pencil brush 
231. Luxe Petit Crease brush
233. Cream Shader brush 
234. Luxe Smoky Shader brush 

237. Detail Shader brush 
312. Detail Liner brush 
317. Wing Liner brush 
322. Brow Line brush 

The brushes come with gorgeous wooden handles with silver writing on two sides of the brush. 

What I use as brush holders. Purchased from Ikea!

Various brushes which I've decided to retire either because I just never liked them in the first place, because they were getting too old, or because the handles were too short to be seen from the brush holders I used.

For people wondering on the quality of the brushes - absolutely amaaazing! They're all super soft and I'm loving them more than my current brush collection which includes a bunch of brushes from Ecotools, Real Techniques and Nude. Unfortunately I can't compare them to Sigma or MAC brushes because I don't own any but the fact that they're so much more affordable won me over.

I woke up half an hour earlier than I usually would for work this morning to try out some of these brushes and they're all increeedible. I'm yet to fault any of them. They pick up just the right amount of product, don't shed and are undoubtedly the softest eyeshadow brushes I've ever used. The face buffing brushes are a little bit harder than my usual Ecotools Custom Coverage Buffing Brush but the stippling brushes are nice and gentle on the skin. I'd definitely recommend them!

Love, S.