December 30, 2015

Photo & caption update LXV

Hello lovely people! I'm sorry it's been so long since I've been away but retail season has kept me on my toes for eight hours a day, five days a week and any time I have off has been spent visiting friends and catching up on sleep. I feel like I type a variation of the same thing at the beginning of post but it's all true I promise :'( I've got a few spare minutes off tonight while I relax at Alice's house so I thought that I'd be productive and put together my last photo and caption update of the year. Hoping that you all had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones and without further a due - here's the post!

Mama Truong always goes crazy whenever Jenny and I use paper towels at home so Simon went and bought her a stack of them for Christmas!

Celebrated Simon's 22nd birthday a few days ago and gifted him tickets to go see his major girl crush Jhene Aiko. 

 Have been absolutely LOVING Sushi Edo at Sunnybank Plaza recently.

Came across some polaroids from my 19th birthday at Alice's house I hadn't ever seen before. 

Had major cravings for red velvet and went to Chester Street. 

 Went to go see Christmas lights with my loves.

Visited the Christmas markets at Southbank.

 Nikuya for Sandra's belated birthday!

 Oliver Brown waffles and Donut Boyz. 

 Lunch at Schnitz. 

 Surprised Simon with a little Christmas tree in his room. 

Jols and Adrii visited me at work! 

Brusha brusha.

Mini Christmas fragrance training with Chanel before the crazy retail period came in. 

 Thank goodness for all day breakfast at Cha Kee. 

Makeup of the day! 

Cha Tea sessions. 

Southside Bistro for late night dessert cravings. 

Catching up with Mel over Vapiano.


Little Taipei for lunch.

Lunch from Eight Street (so. many. food. photos) / Ate vegetables for the first time ever this year because I was stupid and had no clue that okonomiyaki was made 90% out of it.

 My Christmas tree set up at home!

Chur Burger with Brunch Queen and Sandracular. 

Struggles of having blonde hair are looking back at photos just a few weeks old and missing how toned your hair was :'( 

Flourless cakes at Bonsai Botanika.

Spoiled myself with another highlighter. 

Top from Bardot. 

Before I leave you guys with my last goodbye for the year, I hope that you all have a fantastic night celebrating the arrival of 2016. Thank you all for your support this year even though this little space has been relatively quiet and I promise that I'll do my best to keep it going next year. All my love, S. (I started rewatching Gossip Girl and it feels so cool to sign off like that hehehe).

November 24, 2015

Photo & caption update LXIV

Hello from an assessment free Srh! The last few days have been spent working and catching up on sleep by passing out for 12+ hour periods at a time. In order to make up for the huge lull since my last post and this year in general, I've decided to put a list of posts I'm aiming to put up before I go back to uni next semester. I know last year I did #blogmas but with this holiday period I'll be working almost full time for the next two months so I want to be able to set some goals that'll give you guys good quality posts instead of something that's just been rushed. 
  • An updated daily makeup routine 
  • A more glammed up makeup routine
  • Makeup I've recently bought
  • Holy grail products 
  • Meet my best friends 
  • Meet my boyfriend
  • Room/vanity tour
  • Things that have happened in 2015
  • A few more outfits featured in my photo and caption updates
Let me know if you guys have any other suggestions in my so I can add them to the list! In the mean time, here's a gigantic update of what's been going on.

Wandered to the pet store on one of my lunch breaks and fell in love :( 

Purchased my second designer bag - an adorable Salvatore Ferragamo crossbody.

Karaage Udon at Sushi Edo 

Unfortunately ID Brisbane recently went through a price increase in their services so I wasn't able to afford to go to them for another blonde refresher. Instead, I went to Pout Hair Salon since a few of my friends had suggested it to me. I paid $220 (usually $160 but it was an extra $60 for them to use Olaplex) and they did heaps of stuff to it! They lightened my regrowth, lightened my ends, blended my regrowth and toned my entire head. The whole process took about 3 hours and I absolutely loved the result :)  

Last minute cramming for MKTG3509. 

Dinner at Seoul Bistro. 

Iced white chocolates from Noosa Chocolate Factory. 


Went to Seoul Bistro and got the buffet for Adrii's birthday!

Went to Little Taipei for the first time ever. 

Went to Adrii's dentist appointment hehe.

Wearing Tulle from ColourPop.

Steak and potato bake by Mama Truong!!

*melts away* 

Top from Supre. 

In case you didn't already see this on Twitter, I was so upset (basically sobbing) one night after work and Simon was so confused. He didn't know what to do so he left the room for 10 minutes, then came back and put this in front of me HAHAHA.

Passion Tree dates with Aijia and Dwee!

Last lunch with Annah at Carindale :'( 

Everybody needs to try hashbrown cheeseburgers but you have to swap out the mustard and ketchup for mayo and bbq sauce!! 

Yum cha at The Manor

Priceline/eBay/adorebeauty haul.

Simon and I took a drive up to Mt Nebo to stare at some scenery covered by fog.

Brunch at Deedot with Simon and Alice.

Catch up dinners with Henry, Sam, Gres and Alis at Cha Kee.

Simon came home from work one day and gave me a horse.

Ikea visits!

Hair and makeup for OPM Gina Darling!


Best fried chicken at Wara Wara.

Study and tea dates at Cha Tea with Alice!

I hope you guys have a fantastic week ahead of you and I'll be posting again soon :)