April 24, 2012


Show some love to Juicy! ♥

Hello you gorgeous people. Okay so, today I kind of wanted to post this for two reasons. The first is so I can update you guys on how I've been going and the second is so I can read this to reflect a little later in the year.

My grades as a whole - They've dropped quite dramatically from my results that I finished with at the end of 2011. I'm not sure whether it's because of the content or just the fact that I haven't been able to grasp this year's concepts as quickly but all I know is that I haven't been this disappointed in myself for a fair while.

Art – So if you guys already aren’t already aware, each year of senior schooling for art is completely different. In year 11, they circulate around a fairly specific concept whilst guiding you through a huge range of media that you have at your disposal to use in the next year if you continue to study art. In year 12, they pretty much leave everything up to you. The concept for my first body of work is external influences and it's so frustrating that I’ve never struggled with anything so badly in my life. For the last 10 weeks I’ve had to work on this prac, my method has literally been research develop research develop research research research research develop research research develop. I can’t even resolve ONE piece for my assessment, ugh. I’ve just started working on something new (again) that my teacher actually approves of *celebrates* so hopefully I’ll be back on track by the end of next week.

Work – So far so good. I’ve been able to balance my casual job with school work pretty well so I don’t plan on quitting any time soon. I’m so lucky my manager is willing to let me take a couple of weeks off at a time if I really need it to focus on school.

End of year trip – I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE END OF THE YEAR AHIOWJDOIASJKA. Alice is checking up with one last travel agency to see if we can get cheaper flights and after that’s all done and dusted we’ll be booking our tickets as soon as possible ♥ It’s been so long since I’ve been out of Brisbane that just the thought of flying to Seoul and Taiwan is so exciting!!

OKAY, done.

I don't have much else to say so I'll just leave you with some photos. Hope all of you are having a great week ♥

Paulie's odd new habit of licking and rubbing her beak against my knee.


April 21, 2012

My favourite pieces

Hi dollies! Sorry for this post being so overdue but this week has pretty much been me regretting the fact that I refused to touch ANY of my assignments over the holidays. I know a couple of you requested my favourite outfits but I actually don't have any particular ones so here's just some of my favourite pieces of clothing from my wardrobe.

I've worn these two skirts more than anything I've ever owned in my life. They're both from Supre and the fact that you can virtually wear anything with them just makes them a basic necessity for me.

This is one of the first blazers that I owned. Purchased on Ally. It actually looks odd if I don't roll up the sleeves but that doesn't really matter since it's a light weight jacket anyway.

Little black dress that I got for a steal price from the West End markets.

Obviously I'd wear this with a slip dress underneath. I know it looks kinda odd when it's on the hanger by itself but it's so lovely if you top it off with a belt! Purchased from Supre.

Ripped denim shorts from Supre. These bad boys were a part of a two for $30 sale ♥

Left: I have another three or four tops similar to this one but this is my favourite just because the finer details (pockets, buttons and sleeves) really do make a huge difference in aesthetics. Purchased from Dotti. Right: Another light weight blazer from Supre.

Left: Scallop hem top purchased from Dotti. Right: Contrasted collar chiffon blazer from Valleygirl ♥

Hope all of you are having a great weekend! xo

April 12, 2012

Dinner with Melly

Blogging three days in a row! This has to be some kind of new record for me, eh? I went to Carindale Westfield after work today for dinner with Jason, Melisa and Ly. The new expansion is BEAUTIFUL. Everything is so well done and crafted it actually made me say 'whoaaaaaa'. Sorry Chermside, I have a new shopping centre now.

We went to have dinner at Guzman y Gomez and it wasn't that great to be honest. My nachos were drowned in beans and they we're all soggy :( At least the chicken and drinks were nice.

Mexican soft drinks. They were so nice because they had that fizzy feel but as soon as you swallowed it, the fizz disappeared so it didn't burn your throat like regular soft drinks would.

After that, we all went to Chocolate Pavilion for dessert. It's kind of like Max Brenner but with a lot more drinks; more expensive dishes and more interesting chocolate combinations. I can't remember exactly what we ordered but Melisa and I ordered a triple chocolate truffle parfait and a chocolate sushi taste set.

On the left is our parfait and on the right is Melisa's drink. I think it was a frappe with peanut butter, banana and caramel.

If you do happen to go to Chocolate Pavilion, don't order this. When I read 'sushi' I was picturing caramel wrapped up in a thin sheet of chocolate to actually resemble a piece of sushi but yeah.. This uses actual rice and the whole texture and taste just doesn't blend in well together. The green tea ice cream was really bitter as well according to Melisa and Jason.

I'll just leave you guys with some photos to end this post.

Sweet dreams! ♥

April 11, 2012

One third

Since a third of this year is almost over (so damn quick), I wanted to show everybody what the last three months of my life have been like using some photos and points. Actually, this post is more photos I took but never uploaded than reminiscing LOL. For anybody wondering, I used Pixlromatic to cover the photos with hipst3r filters. Enjoy!

In no particular order.

001. Contact lens review for Bambi Sesame Grey.

002. The couple of weeks after I got my hair cut where I kept curving the ends in to hide the fact that it was so short.

003. Origami roses for Valentine's Day.

004. Hoping that I made 20+ people feel special.

006. Choreography of War Reportage by Madelaine Kelly. I did an art essay about this piece and actually did surprisingly well considering the fact that I found the artist to be so complex.

007. A scarily life like portrait by Vernon Ah Kee.

008. I've seen this ride so many times on television shows and it's actually not as bad as it looks.

009. Screaming on the Avalanche for the hell of it at Tet.

010. My 100% accurate drawing of Salina after she made fun of my floppy hat.

011. My interpretations of everybody that I study with at SLQ.

012. Salina somehow studying while the rest of us swing on our chairs and play pictionary.

013. Sophia sitting on the other side of the whiteboard at SLQ trying to memorize how to do a question.

014. Probably one of the most productive study days we've EVER had at SLQ.

015. Jun the maths genius smiling about how fun fun fun he thinks maths B is.

016. Too much wind at Surfers Paradise :(

017. Jason and his backpack of camera equipment.

018. With Adrii at Tet.

019. Yasmin's and Adrii's gorgeous wedges.

020. Adorable packaging by an Etsy seller who I bought my pencil case from.

021. Gracie's late birthday gift. I tried to wrap it up really nicely so she'd have to take her time and unwrap it slowly but she ended up tearing most of it apart anyway, woops LOL.

022. Paulie playing with one of the bottles I have on my desk

023. Cutting off my hair at Mumu

024. French toast at The Coffee Club.

025. After the school swimming carnival.

026. One of the PERFECT beach days I held early in the year for a bunch of my friends.

027. Two hour trips to and from Surfers Paradise.

028. Trips to Mt Cootha.

029. Ombre'ing Sandra's hair.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hope all of you are well ♥♥